Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Friends, Here's a DEAL for YOU!

But first a small rant: the handwritten letter has died. It is no more. I see desks with no pens, no stationery. I receive mail with no handwriting whatsoever on any part, not even the envelope. Why is that? Too many things vying for attention...Frenetic society that allows no self-reflection...unwillingness to handwrite what could easily be communicated by email (w/ all its attendant shorthand, LOL! BFF...GMAB)?

I don't have an answer for you. But I have a solution. Let's not lament. Instead, let's write some letters. Not typewritten, not printed on the laser printer, but handwritten. I confess, it's difficult. But here's the deal.

I'll write you a letter. Just send me your address (for this part, yes, email is perfect). You just have to promise to write someone else a handwritten letter. Pay it forward. Deal?

Write soon.

Love, Sean


Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

I think I actually have a handwritten letter from you. It's saved with Claire's mementos. Send me another and I promise to pay it forward!

Mary Rinaldi Winn said...

Hmmm...interesting point. I can assure you that the good 'ol handwritten thank you note is still alive and well in Atlanta, GA. I'm not sure how many boys/men write thank you notes these days. It seems that this has always been a woman's task - and now I'm writing them on behalf of my kids as well as myself! I also used to write my now 84-year-old father. he never got the hang of email and is now in a hospital bed with a broken hip. I'll give you my address. I would love to receive a handwritten letter from you. I promise to pass it on!
Happy almost Thanksgiving from a vegetarian who loves all the sides anyway.
Mary Rinaldi Winn
615 E. Paces Ferry Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

MaiCummings said...

I should have posted my comments here instead of on facebook. Sorry! I'll play the handwritten letter game:
Mai-Linh Cummings
7 Geraldine Road
Framingham, MA 01701

Mary, I agree completely about the handwritten thank yous. They are certainly alive and well in this house. Now, if we could only save the adverb!