Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Absent Blogger, Part 2

All my followers are gone. My friends have folded their tents, headed for pastures where the writers actually have something to say (are those green?).

This is my second blog entry of 2009, and I should be flogged at the post of dilettante writers. I am an impostor, a liar, a cheat. To be a writer, one must write, and I have spent the better part of 2009 not writing--well, I should say not drafting. I've been working on a novel project, taking millions of notes, filling journals, reading books. I have not blogged this year, and I have no answer for that. I struggle with this idea that blogs tend to focus too much on the blogger, and I don't feel like a spotlight should be turned on me. Ideas and opinions, yes, I have many. It's tough to share them. Maybe I'm shy. Maybe misanthropic.

Okay, anyway, what brought me out of the woodwork are the numerous pieces of inspiration I've come across lately: interviews, essays, books. I'd like to keep some of them in one place, so here we go...

A MARVELOUS interview with Pat Conroy, the master, my inspiration, my friend.

What is now considered the greatest commencement address ever, delivered by David Foster Wallace in 2006 at Kenyon College, and has now been expunged from the Internet because Little Brown has published the address in slightly bowdlerized form to cash in on the graduation season.

Another marvelous interview, also from the wonderful folks at Oklahoma State whose Poets & Writers program is nothing but top-notch--this one with the amazing Anne Lamott.

So, yeah, I guess I need to resolve to be a better blogger. Maybe a little more extroverted. Maybe I should venture out into cyberspace a little more often.

Hope you, single reader, are well.

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LoLa said...

You can do it! Come back...blog again! A friend of mine says when things seem to big to undertake...she reduces everything to the size of of pea and imagines it in her palm, this tiny world with all the people in it trying so hard all the time...