Monday, July 20, 2009

Mac, Part II, the Booq People

Okay, I've shared my lame brain theory about Mac computers, and now I will follow up with a quick nod to a like-minded company who makes computer bags and accessories for Mac lovers.

These folks at Booq exercise the same innovation, care, and quality workmanship in their bags as Apple does in making computers. They are designed specifically for Macbook laptops, and I can't believe how they've thought of everything when it comes to getting on a plane or pulling your computer from the floor at a business meeting or simply storing all your computer gizmos rather than stuffing them in a desk somewhere.

I have a BOA bag fit for my 13" laptop. The pouches are not velcro, but magnetic. They are designed to hold the boxy power supply and still close snugly. The main storage area of the bag will hold thick books (which is a must in my case) without making it hard to close. The front compartment holds all the small stuff like pens, keys, iPod cords, etc. And the side pocket fits an iPod, even with a small slit to pass the earbuds through. There's a tracking system technology sewn right into the bag should it ever be lost or stolen. When you pick it up by the handle, you can feel the balance and the quality of the fabric in your hands. The computer compartment also accommodates Booq's Viper laptop sleeve that you can use when you don't need the whole bag but you want something protecting the computer.

I might be a geek about this stuff. But these bags are designed and sewn with style, quality, and an overall hipness. I get questions about them every time I travel. You can check out their website here.

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