Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Things Pat Conroy

Well, it's official, and anyone who is a Pat Conroy fan knows that the new novel is out. South of Broad is currently number three on Amazon's bestseller list and will probably hit number one before long.

Here is a quick guide to the publicity so far:

See Pat's appearance on Good Morning America.

Read the feature article in USA Today.

See a special done by a Charleston television station on Pat (this includes an interview in his house as well as an interview with his wife Cassandra King). Be sure and look at all four parts here. (When he talks about having to hire typists and pay them hordes of money, he's talking about me. And he's a total liar.)

And here's an interview with Pat by Bill Thompson of the Post & Courier here in Charleston.

And here's an outstanding interview with Jonathan Sanchez, who owns Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston.

One more slightly hard-to-find video: click here.

Pat's talk at the Carter Center in Atlanta: here.

The Borders interview


Shelby said...

I'm in love with all the links here. Mr. Conroy is the best writer I do believe that I have ever read.


sean a. scapellato said...

he is a writer most important to me. in an older post, i talk about getting to type part of the manuscript for him. take a look if you're interested.

JScap said...

Hey Sean--

We're both writers. We both have blogs. We even have the same template.

And we have the same last name!

Are we related?